Info GIB

About Me? Interesting question!!
Well here goes! I am in my 30’s, self-employed. I LOVE football and love The Arsenal. I am very much an MMA enthusiast, having wrestled in high school and trained BJJ for 5 years. I played baseball at a high level till life got in the way.

I am an avid reader, I read everything, news, science, sports, fiction, anything I can get my hands on. I love to write and I love sports. This mix led me to want to write about one of the passions in my life, Arsenal.

I have been an Arsenal supporter since 1991. This, as you will see, was very difficult for me to achieve. Why you ask?

I was born in Venezuela where baseball is king. I moved to the US where football, baseball, basketball and track are the top priorities. I played all four, but never played “european” football at an organized, top level. I excelled at all sports that I played and settled on baseball as the sport where I could make my mark. I did. I went on to play at a very high level before injuries and life got in the way. In between all the chaos of my sporting life, football in the late summer along with wrestling, basketball in the late autumn, baseball and track in the spring; thanks to a girl I fell in love with, I discovered on TV in the early mornings in the US, a team dressed in white and red, and a sport I really had never paid attention to, being played in a manner that defied convention. That team was Arsenal, that sport was football. Love and the mighty Arsenal, that combination was hook, line and sinker for me. 23 years later and here I am, in love with Arsenal. And that foreign exchange student that introduced me to the team? Still a close friend and a reader. Thanks!

So here I am now, living in the worst possible place for an Arsenal supporter, in a sleepy little town right outside of Barcelona! You got it, I am behind enemy lines, but fear not, I have not been brainwashed like our old #4.

I will bring you my views and share with you my thoughts on matches, our history, and the future of the club we all love. Arsenal.


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