We’re Not Monaco – We Don’t Need To Be.

Posted: May 29, 2013 in Arsenal FC
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Monaco are taking the meme of “Buy ALL the players” to heart as they look to dethrone PSG as this summer’s Man Citeh. Whilst they buy and continue to be linked with attacking players, they are taking making some Gooners nervous and demoralizing others, who are all saying in unison “Why is that not us?!”.

Arsenal are not Monaco, PSG or Man Citeh; the club was never likely to splash large for 1 player, but for a collective that will improve the good base of players in the squad. This is going to be a long summer but one with departing players that actually benefits us(bye-bye deadwood and malcontents or both!) and some reinforcements coming in to meld with the team that finished the season with 26/30 points.

For me that’s the key, the lads showed that they are capable of stingy defense and assurance(be it nail-biting) to reel off wins at a clip. What needs to be strengthened are a few key positions and the squad can begin the league next year how they ended this one. We all know where reinforcements are needed, so there is no point in continuing to mention it, but I wouldn’t expect any more than one, maybe two “well-known” name to come in whilst those positions are filled, but for me that’s okay. I’d much rather have a TEAM than a group led by a couple of players. We all saw how under-achieving was prevalent over the last few years with the likes of Cesc, Nasri, Judas, Song, etc. “leading” the squad. The result of off-loading those players and opting to start anew? More goals scored, less goals conceded, and more league points 2 straight years. And they said those players were “irreplaceable”. Ha.

For all the flash that Arsenal brought to the field from 2006-2012, there was little substance, always folding when it mattered most, early on it was due to departures of key figures while later on it was down to players considered by a naive few as “new legends” that weren’t ready for that title. The squad this year once more had to endure an influx of players, which led to a slow start, in my opinion it’ll be different this summer. That will lead to a better start with key additions, very few departures and a team that has started to believe in itself.

Let’s have more players that will add to this “us vs the world” mentality that the current squad has and I can see us lifting a trophy this year. It was shown that when clicking this team can compete with anyone, a few more key additions and little subtraction will them clicking more often than not. It’s not like the United squad this year was all-world but they were efficient, that’s what Arsenal need to be, efficient as they were to end the season.  So don’t fret Gooners, we have good times ahead.



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