AFC Pip 4th – Fruitful Summer Coming – I Kinda Told You So, Last June!

Posted: May 23, 2013 in Arsenal FC
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Well, it’s not where we wanted AFC to end up, it’s not even where most of you thought the Gunners would.

Let’s be very blunt, most of you thought Arsenal would end up outside the top 4 and with fewer points than last year and dreading the day Judas left the club. I said last June, before he left that AFC would do top 4 and finish with more points, and that’s just what happened, although I thought we’d pip a Carling or FA Cup this year. I am not one that is happy with a top 4 finish, given the state of our turnover in personnel though and the lack of spending, it is something that has become a sort of “will we or won’t we” compensation, and indeed, against the grain this year, AFC did.

Most forgot, this is a TEAM, and as such, whilst an individual player can save one’s collective arse, he was very unlikely to make a difference when replaced so thoroughly with several players.

Arsenal didn’t replace Judas like for like, they replaced him with several players. Goals from Gerv, Santi, Poldi, Theo, Giroud all made up the offensive and the lack of dependence on one player made Arsenal a team. Of course the bad part is that it took the Gunners a better part of a full campaign to realize what they could do, but they brought it all together when it counted most and finished in a CL spot to once again have a full summer to strengthen, HOPEFULLY.

This summer I believe we will finally reinforce with minimal “important” players leaving. Yet again I sit here to remind you. What did those players that left WIN us?


Cesc as a leader won NOTHING. He left whilst going on STRIKE! Nasri won AFC nothing, brilliant at times, 6 months out of 3 years is not consistency. Song was good but never the DM Arsenal needed. Judas spent endless time on the treatment table then has 18 wonderful months and takes off at first opportunity after the club took care and stood beside him for years on end. Don’t get me started on the disaster that is Adebayor, Hleb, etc. Clichy at least didn’t talk ill of the club but was still a nauseatingly bad LB in the AFC system. Kolo simply saw what was around him and decided it was “time”.

So yes, there have been many departures of late, but none of them, save Kolo, did ANYTHING for AFC to warrant the acclaim they received. I like Cesc, but Cesc has chosen to go and be 3rd and sometimes 4th choice on a team rather than to lead one. Judas preferred to turn his back on a team rather than raise one to greatness. These are not losses, these are opportunities for improvement.

So here Arsenal sits. On the precipice once more. This time there is no great leader, one standing far above the others, here stands a TEAM, and as such, they need reinforcements to continue to show that hard work, the right attitude and simple numbers can get results.

This lot showed in the last months of the season, as I predicted on this blog a couple of months ago, that they could finish strong and get results when needed. I predicted 72 points and third place. We ended with 73 and 4th, with the Chelski vs Utd match ruining my prediction. That said, it goes to show that Arsenal CAN get results and that the team is not as far away as some make it out to be.

I believe the club will spend, but I don’t think this will be a conventional “big name” summer, but a fruitful one in the sense that AFC will address needs and build on a strong finish.

The base is there. There will be no major departures and many roster spots and weekly wages freed up. The overall feeling is that AFC is a team on the rise and in need of a key few players to make a run. The money is in place, CL is in place, and now we sit and wait.

Will Arsenal spend and bring in the key players lacking or will the Gunners once again be left wanting come season’s start? I wrote a few weeks back that if CL was accomplished, this would be the summer of “No More Excuses”…it is upon us, now it’s time to sit and wait for the action to unfold. It should be interesting. I think the club will get the job done. Let’s hope I’m right, again 😀 for all our sakes.



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