NLD Weekend – Start of a Run or Beginning of the End?

Posted: March 2, 2013 in Arsenal FC
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11 matches left, that’s all that’s left. I tweeted a while ago that the Gunners would finish 3rd on 72 points. That means out of the last 11 matches, 8 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses are what’s needed. Completely achievable in my view. Then you have a few matches left that make this secondary, this weekend is one of them.

All that anyone talks about is the form that Bale FC is on, but fail to realize in the last 6 matches they have 12 points while Arsenal actually have 13.  Besides the ridiculous dive last year that earned him a penalty, Bale has actually been relatively quiet against AFC, and the midfield that #5PUR2 deploy has been outclassed by miles. Even in the loss last year there was much controversy; VdV’s handling of the ball in the box to control prior to his goal, the failure for his second yellow upon going into the crowd to celebrate, Szcz’s fumbling hands to allow the winner from Walker, etc.

Listen, this weekend won’t decide where Arsenal will end up, but it can go a long way to demoralizing the Yids and lifting our boys for a proper run-in. Arsenal have to play Everton, Utd, Swansea after this match. #5PUR2 will have to play Liverpool, Swansea, Everton, Chelski, and Manchester City. They WILL lose points in those matches. Even Chelski’s run-in is filled with tough matches with the Chavs having to play #5PUR2, Liverpool, Swansea, and Utd on the trot before seeing Everton on the last day of the season.

Basically, it’s up to AFC to win the matches they should and it’s left to the three matches mentioned to see if they can make a run to second with some slip ups along the way needed from Citeh.

The talent is there for Arsenal, there simply has been a lack of cohesion and lack of urgency. That’s either down to bad planning or simply the effect of constant turnover. Whatever it is, I look for the lads to suck it up, and give us a proper run-in.

Doing that will set AFC up for a busy summer, which I’ll discuss later.

The opportunity is there, the schedule has lined up nicely, now it’s down to execution. Despite the negativity going around these days, I fancy the squad to pull through!

North London is Red!! I look for it to stay that way for quite some time.



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