Midfield Control Key to Moving Forward

Posted: January 8, 2013 in Arsenal FC
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Originally published on arsenalvision.co.uk on the 5th of January.

I don’t often like to criticize the club or any one specific person, I am more about solutions rather than blame but this has gone on far enough.

Slowly and surely since the days of Vieira, Gilberto, Flamini; AFC have lost the ability to control the midfield. Unless that is the club’s focus over the next month, the Gunners will be left wanting once more and asking why there is no service to our forwards, why the defense is overrun and why on earth AFC are not winning trophies.

This is down to AW and his choices, to AFC as a club for failing to fulfill that obvious need and down to the players that have been put in that position and have failed to perform.

My contention is that if AFC placate the masses by signing a forward, the club will still be left needing a solid midfield presence to allow Jack and Santi to do “their” thing. As it stands right now, by HT Santi and Jack are so busy and tired helping an out of position Arteta, that there is a clear disconnect from the forwards.

Arsenal play a 4-4-3. The FB’s attack and leave the CB’s exposed. Supposedly the wingers are supposed to help tracking back, but you and I know THAT doesn’t happen as often as we’d like. So that leaves the DM to not only act as a conduit to link play from the back to MF but to also help on defense when the FB’s are on the attack. Simply put, BOLLOCKS! It doesn’t happen and hasn’t happened in any reincarnation of the current AFC line-up post Flamini being let go on a free.

Jack and Santi spend more time tracking back then going forward. Arteta is being hugely misplayed at the DM position and isn’t physical enough to be the imposing presence AFC need to stop the opposition and then to be able to launch the attacks we are capable of mounting. Don’t get me wrong, on their day, the boys can beat ANYONE. The issue is when its normal play and things don’t go perfectly for them, they simply buckle and absorb pressure, and they don’t dish it out.

Clubs now know that this version of AFC can be pushed about, bullied, pressured and finally broken if they push hard enough. That’s not acceptable in any manner.

The players that have been deployed there? Denilson, Diaby, Song, Arteta, Coquelin. None of which are TRUE DM’s or lacking in some of the qualities to be an effective DM in the EPL…how on earth are they supposed to succeed at a position they aren’t meant to play? That’s down to Wenger thinking he can mold anyone into any position. That has led to the likes of Arshavin losing their identity, but that’s for a different entry altogether.

AFC has to give the boss the backing, the boss has to make the signing a priority and then we can see the results, which in my opinion get AFC back to the top.

A true DM moves Arteta into CM, moves Jack forward and allows Cazorla to be deployed on the left or the right. It allows Podolski to be used on the left or as an ST, the same for Theo, only on the right obviously. It gives the squad rotation and helps the defense while at the same time helps CONTROL THE MIDFIELD which is where the Gunners fire their attack from and where they have been lacking for quite some time.

This is a position that has been too long overlooked and until it’s addressed the club will be spinning its wheels.

Top targets for the position?

1. Fellaini

2. M’Vila

3. Capoue

4. Gonalons

Do it Arsene, AFC! It’s what’s REALLY needed.  Don’t even get me started on the FB position, that’s for yet ANOTHER entry.

Bring on the Swans!



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