AFC / Wenger Reality over Perception

Posted: December 1, 2012 in Arsenal FC
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Let’s play a game…

Perception – We stink because of Wenger. Wenger did this to us.

Reality – We are here because of greedy individuals using our team to fill their pockets, in effect selling their shares to those that care less about the club and more about what it adds to their portfolio. Wenger has done what he can with what he’s been given and taking the lion’s share of the blame unjustly.

Perception – Wenger is a greedy, cheap bastard. We are in this situation because of his unwillingness to spend.

Reality – Look at 96-05 when given a proper budget. Wenger spent and he won. Look at 06-till now. He’s been handcuffed and lucky to have pulled many rabbits out of many hats.

Perception – Firing Wenger is the only way to go forward.

Reality – Firing Wenger won’t solve shit if the board don’t change their philosophy.

Perception – Spending is the only way to go forward.

Reality – Spending money won’t solve anything if Wenger doesn’t start motivating the players he’s got.

Perception – The players are not performing, they are not up to AFC standards.

Reality – The players are not performing, they are talented but unmotivated.

Perception – Change will propel us forward.

Reality – Change WILL propel us forward, but there are many moving parts and will they get on the same page at the same time?

Only time will tell. But I do know this. Absolute power corrupts absolutely…do we know the full story? Nope. Has AW lost his way in these seven years he’s been asked to settle? Absolutely.




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