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It doesn’t matter what Wenger does.  Why? Because you and I both know that no matter what he does, he loses points with the AKB’s or the WOB’s.

Arsenal supporters are so split on Le Boss, the squad, the future that it doesn’t matter if Wenger brings in an all world squad, there is a section of supporters that will always hold a grudge over these last seven years. Do we know the full story about how much money was actually available to him to spend? Absolutely not. Do a lot of people pretend to know they do know the truth? Absolutely.

I will say this, do you really think that he had the same resources other clubs did/do? Do you really think the board gave him transfer capital and he just refused to use it and ended up losing chance after chance to win trophies and re-sign players and bring in other players of equal or greater ability? Absolutely not. Had he had those resources truly available and just chose not to spend and had the results of the last seven years, he’d be gone by now, without a doubt.

As much as everyone wants to deflect all of this on AW the reality of the situation is that this whole disastrous seven-year campaign has been a combination of flawed strategy, management and poor player performance. It’s such a cluster fuck from top to bottom that the funds available hardly matter.

The board – haha where should I start? I don’t need to, you and I both know the plethora of issues there. Kroenke, well that’s just an absurdity all on its own! There should have been better strategy in dealing with the limited resources due to the building of the Emirates. The manager should have placed an emphasis on different players and not depended on the youth movement that let him down so badly. Wenger also should, and this is valid today, re-think his line-up choices and sub decisions, even formation. To be fair it all feels a little dated now. But there in lies the problem. There has been a lot of accomplishment but there has been an equal amount, if not more so, disappointment.

When he has had the funds to spend, Wenger has spent it and done well. I won’t get into it, but look from 97-2003; the man spent, and the squad WON…that is no coincidence. But obviously starting in 05/06, things started to change, and we all know why. So let’s stop fooling ourselves all this is AW’s fault, it’s a collective effort to be so inept, one man can’t make so many bad decisions on his own, he certainly had help.

So when people say that Wenger not spending is a choice rather than a marching order, I have to scoff at that. The board is out of ideas or never had any to begin with. Gazidis is so out of touch it’s ridiculous and Wenger does himself no favors when he answers questions with absurdities.

I look at Arsenal now, my club, your club, and I think to myself. What the hell is going on? I don’t know, you don’t know, anyone that comes out and says they do know is an idiot.

The only thing I do know is that I love Arsenal, always will. If that means at some point that I have to support them in the Europa League, well then so be it. When we do get back on top it’ll make it that much sweeter.

I feel sorry for Wenger though, because no matter what he does, there will always be a portion of the fan-base that will always blame him and forget that when he was given TRUE free reign of resources, he did spend and he did in fact deliver. Just check out the Gold EPL trophy we have, that says it all.

Anyway, Up the Gunners! 3 pts tonight versus Everton and let’s see if the lads can’t shut some people up, at least for a couple of days!