There Will Be NO Cesc Return, For Now

Posted: August 30, 2012 in Arsenal FC
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Many stories circulating about a piece in Marca claiming Cesc may find a way back to Arsenal this summer.

Let’s put an end to that right now, those circulating those rumors are looking for your views on their pages or are desperate for attention. Probably a bit of both.

The Marca article is here: Marca – Cesc and it doesn’t mention Arsenal at all.

The desperate souls needing page hits during these last few days are pulling your leg folks, so don’t spread the nonsense.

The article mentions the various positional conflicts Cesc faces at FCB, we all knew that before he left, and goes on to describe the difficulty that new manager Tito is having finding him consistent minutes. If he has problems finding Cesc minutes, what will become of old Song?

So don’t get your hopes up on an Arsene, Cesc reunion anytime soon.

In other news, I’ve been told that the club made an approach on two Real Madrid players last week after the Sahin situation. I have no confirmation on names, but I am working on it. It seems there are things going on we don’t know about, as it should be, some surprises might be in store.

Anyway, don’t buy into every story out there Gooners, do your due diligence and smoke out the fakes!



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