Sahin Saga Coming to End

Posted: August 24, 2012 in Arsenal FC
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Well, well, well.

As late as Tuesday morning it all looked well for Arsenal. Terms were agreed to verbally, all looked ready to progress nicely, then something happened.

What that something is, we will never know, at least not for a while. I have written before what really happened with Mata last year, not the concocted fiction fed to supporters last year, but the real story, and this is not that. But it feels awfully close.

From the details emerging it seems that money played the biggest part in this, but in essence that wasn’t the main reason, but it certainly played its part.

Liverpool are stumping up 5m£ for the loan fee and paying Sahin his 120£ p/w wage. There are conflicting stories, some reporting that LFC will have a 15m£ buy option, some saying they don’t.

The stumbling block to the deal for AFC was the inclusion of said buy option, so I would highly doubt that it would be included in a deal with LFC.

Sahin has always made it clear, he wanted to stay at Real. In essence he is being pushed out of the Bernabeu, told to get better and try again next year to earn a spot. He was willing to play LB, he was willing to be a sub, he was willing to sit again all year instead of move, this is not a choice he wants to make.

In the end LFC won out doing what LFC is famous for these day; mismanaging funds and putting themselves in a position to fail from the start. They won’t keep him at the end of the year and he will have another go at RMFC, that is the likeliest scenario, given all of his comments. For their part Real Madrid have publicly(and privately) stated that to be their intention too.

So Arsene and Arsenal passed on a deal that would cost in the region of 10m£ for the year, loan fee and wages. Then would develop a player for another club, would end up relying on said player only to ship him back at the end of the year. Basically a one year mercenary to the tune of 10m£.

I for one like the player, but just reading the words in the previous paragraph you ought to know, like I do, that this would have been a horrible deal for Arsenal to match. Obviously so did Wenger, so it’s now time to move on.

I expect to see at least two signings before the window closes, too bad Sahin wasn’t one of them. In the end, Arsenal may have just avoided a bigger headache than some realize. Look at the reaction from many supporters on not taking this bad deal…now imagine those same whiners at the end of the year complaining about how 10m£ was misspent and how stupid Arsene could be not getting a buy option for the player.

It was a no win scenario for Arsenal and Wenger decided to leave his checkbook in his pocket and save the funds for a permanent deal, I can’t say I blame him. So let’s move on from this, if the deal didn’t get done it’s because it wasn’t a good deal for us, I can live with that. So should you.

Now imagine the surprise we all will have if this takes another unlikely twist! Ha.


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