Arsenal Rumor Mill: All the Stuff You’re Tired of Reading About Re-Mixed

Posted: April 24, 2012 in Arsenal FC
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As I sit here, reading the absolute drivel that passes for news I wonder how much more crap we may have to read in the next three weeks of the season, let alone the summer.

I am sure by then Arsenal will have signed Podolski another 8 times. Vertonghen will be on various private jets to parts unknown to have a medical performed by the Dharma Initiative from Lost, where presumably he’ll sit waiting with Podolski who’ll have yet another physical. Almunia will “quit” the club, wow, that’s laughable. Vela will continue talking about how he was suppressed at Arsenal and Bendtner will talk about how he is still the number one striker in all the land.  Arshavin will still be scratching his head and telling anyone that will listen that he has no clue as to why AW lost faith in him. Cesc will continue to sit on the bench and come up with ways to give Wenger compliments and still slight the club in the same breath. Nasri will attempt to make his stat line look better than the ridiculous aspect they have now for a 25m player. We are all hoping there will be news that they have managed to do a Wolverine type procedure on Diaby and Co. and made their bones unbreakable. To top it off, I read a so-called article today proclaiming to tell the true story about what happened with Mata last year, and it proved to be more crap, a recounting of what we already knew and some stats showing how Mata could have helped, brilliant!

I won’t go into the RvP rumors and speculation, in this piece at least. I’ll have something later in the week on that.

You want to laugh, I know you do. I know I am. So let’s take these one by one shall we?

1.) Podolski – He is coming, sooner or later this deal is all but done. There is no pre-contract but there is an agreement. This won’t be “official” until the start of the international transfer window, because it would be illegal otherwise. He is a classy player, it is a coup for Wenger at the price touted, so don’t fret that there isn’t a press conference tomorrow. Until then, brace yourself for him to be signed three times a week.

2.) Vertonghen & Co. – You know who they are, Vertonghen, M’Villa, Hazard, Dempsey, your little brother, Gaz from down the street. All the players Arsenal are linked to will be in a constant rotation to sell papers, get viewers or get hits on pages. Until it is on or touted by 100 media outlets like Poldi, just let these rumors go in one ear and out the other. The club will make signings, who, for how much and when are yet to be determined. How can anyone know when AW likely doesn’t know either.

3.) Our mental loanees and outbound players – Newsflash you lot, we don’t want you! Well most of you. Almunia is said to want to quit the club. He is unwanted at the club and has never been talented enough to be a number three, let alone a number one, how ridiculous. Arsenal couldn’t move him because no one would pay, the fee nor the salary. Vela is flourishing due to the fact he is playing in La Liga…he wouldn’t and hasn’t seen those results in the EPL for a reason. Bendtner is just, well, Bendtner. In his mind he is the best and should be the starting #9 at RMFC, FCB or a host of other squads, he must have hit his head on the dashboard during one of his car accidents. Finally, Arshavin. AA we loved you, supported you and wanted nothing but for you to perform at your best. You showed up unfit, unmotivated and finished unwanted. AW lost faith because you lost form ages ago and never regained it, simple.

4.) Delusional Ex-Players – Nasri says he was overused at AFC. He stated that the supporters had no passion and the club had no ambition, all ridiculous statements. We sold him for 25m after a good 3 month stretch out of 36 months with the club. He has 5 goals and 9 assists in league play, which shows a few things. First, City overpaid and we made out like bandits. Second, he was not overused, because being sat on the bench for most of the season, his stats are crap and his play erratic at best when everyone is injured or tired enough for him to be given a chance. Lastly, City supporters have been shown to certainly have less passion than Gooners and the club, well, haha. So Nasri, thanks for the transfer fee, and fail on the comments. Get your checkbook ready to pay off a certain 10k bet.

Cesc is another matter. He was at the club for eight years, did little to deserve being appointed captain, didn’t lead the team in any aspect and left Arsenal high and dry with less money than should have been paid for him due to his stubbornness. That said, he has a multitude of supporters still protecting him like he is a true Gooner, guess what, he’s not. He gives the club backhanded compliments, praises AW with one sentence and puts him down the next. How else could you interpret saying AW is like a father figure, but he was never taught any tactics at Arsenal. How can you say Wilshere is a great player along with RvP, TV5, etc and then say his teammates were not good enough to inspire confidence in them. All of this while he watches his new teammates play El Clasico from the bench…haha amazing. Stop supporting someone who smiles to your face and places a knife sharply in your back.

5.) Diaby & Co. – The Wolverine operation is one we all want for the injured…Jack, Merts, Arteta, Diaby, Gibbs, etc…I have some sources that say this one may actually be true, stay tuned.

6.) Mata – I will finish this blog entry with this subject because it is one I discuss with many fellow bloggers at nauseum, and some of you have chimed in from time to time on it. Basically this is what rumors, lies, innuendos, and tabloid sports journalism are all about these days. All these rolled into one to then be called “news”.

We all know the story given us. Mata was available for the right price, he had a magical release clause, Arsenal tried to pay that clause but the bank transfer didn’t arrive in time, that according to some bumbling Spanish journo who is no more than a tabloid peddler at best, you know his name, I won’t say who as he has enough publicity. Then a bidding war began which Chelsea won and it was where Mata always wanted to go, according to the player and his agent/father. Foolish for AFC to pass up on him no? Foolish not to fly the necessary funds in cash via private jet to secure the signing! Not so fast…

The release clause is a smoke and mirrors act that no one can confirm or deny, what I do know is this; before Arsenal, Chelsea, Inter, or the yids were offered the left footed winger, he was offered to FCB and RMFC, both passed on him. Mata’s dad came off badly to the brass at RMFC and in turn the early interest they showed was quelled. His father, was talking to everyone trying to get the best deal for his son, fair play to him, but he was pinning one club against the other. We will never know about the release clause, but we do know, and it is very public knowledge here that his father was always going to push for his son to go to the highest bidder, not the best opportunity. AFC were not late, they didn’t make a mistake and send a late bank transfer, they were simply outbid both in transfer fee and in salary. The Mata family along with Valencia chose Chelsea based on the figures, and they had every right. The journalists failed to mention the background of him being offered to the Spanish giants first, then being auctioned off after, of course they would, that story doesn’t sell as well. In the end, did AFC make the right choice in not pursuing this transfer more vehemently? Let’s simply look at the numbers. We all laugh at Nasri, 25m for 5 goals and 9 assists in the league. Mata has a slightly better 6 goals and 11 assists in the league. Hardly world beater numbers. Mata of course steps up where Nasri disappears and does more in all aspects of the game, but hardly worth the 23.5m Chelsea paid and on more or less 100k+ a week. I don’t see it as a failure by Arsenal to not go after Mata, we were always the better choice, so it’s Mata who lost out in my view. He will be in an FA Cup final yes, he may even be in a CL final so fair play to him and Chelsea on those two fronts, but he will also likely miss out on CL football next year, as Chelsea sit fifth at the moment in the league. While they may very well pull off a minor miracle and advance past FCB, they would be heavy underdogs versus either Bayern or Real Madrid in the final. So no, we didn’t make a mistake, and now we have 23,5m to spend on a couple of good players. My blog, my opinion of course.

So in conclusion Gunners. Brace yourself for everything in the coming weeks and months, because the so-called journalists will play with your minds and worst of all your emotions, to move papers, to get clicks, to get their voice heard. Unfortunately the majority of “news” being spewed will be utter nonsense, you’ve been warned!

See you lot on the weekend! Come on you Gunners!


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