Who Should Stay/Go. Sunderland Post Match Reaction

Posted: February 18, 2012 in Arsenal FC
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This is an addendum to my post:

Arsenal: Who Should Stay/Go. An Honest Assessment, here.

This team has no heart, no killer instinct. It’s time to gut it, get rid of the ones mentioned in my other post and sadly it may be time to cash in on RvP as well. He clearly has had enough and him walking off the field tonight whilst AOC was distraught, to me is a clear sign. He is frustrated and I don’t blame him. We need to cut the virus of incompetence with the rest of the squad now. That is the issue, we simply don’t know how to win and we play much more not to lose than anything. Time for major changes.

There was a time where saving the current crop of stars was key, that time has passed. We need to concentrate on avoiding the contamination of players like AOC, Ryo, etc.

Some of you have said this isn’t Football Manager or whatever. Guess what? We are in the top 5 of the clubs in the world in revenue, we have one of the best stadiums in one of the epicenters of european football,  London. We are surrounded on all sides of that list by teams that are gladly getting into debt to make a run at trophies as we sit and pile the money in the bank as if it’s a new game Football Tycoon. It’s time to spend, time to change and time to save our club.


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