The Problem At Arsenal : Living Off of Other’s Accomplishments

Posted: February 1, 2012 in Arsenal FC
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We all just got through watching another debacle, another missed opportunity, another shambles of a match.

One has to start asking, quite frankly, what the hell is going on?

Simply put there is a twofold problem at our beloved club.

1. Arsene

As much as I love Arsene Wenger for spotting talent, for balancing our books, for being an actual manager instead of a bookkeeper from 1997-2004, he has lost his touch on the sideline.
There was a time when he would make the change a little earlier, he would have a little less patience, and he would do a little more with the game planning. Now he has the same excuses we as fans do. There are the injuries, there is the age of our players, there is the fact other clubs spend more, etc…Etc…Etc…


We simply need a change on the touchline, that’s my view. We need a fresh face with fresh ideas and a new philosophy on the pitch. AW needs to be in the boardroom influencing it to spend; he needs to be helping the scouting department, etc. He needs to be involved and part of this club, because he helped bring it to heights not seen before; he has also contributed to the tarnish of some recent years. With all the good he has done I would hate to see the man fade away to the point where he is now, as if he has no clue.

2. The Players

We have too many kids that have grown in the shadow of Henry, Bergkamp, hell even Cesc, and the like. This team expects to be handed results. They expect to go to Bolton, Swansea, Fulham, etc and be GIVEN the result. That may have been true back in 2005, even 2006…but we are not THAT Arsenal anymore…

Teams now know that THIS Aresnal WILL break. If they hold long enough, if they fight long enough, if they just take the punches long enough, they can punch back and they CAN succeed. This team has no character, this team has no husstle, short and to the point this team has no HUNGER.

I would rather miss the CL this year, regroup, come back with some HUNGER with some FIGHT, with SOMETHING, because right now we have and are giving absolutely NOTHING. Of course there are the exceptions, RvP, Sagana, TV5, Kos, but they can only do so much.

You see too many jogging around clueless, looking at each other waiting for the other to do something. No spark.

How can we terrorize teams mentally before we ever set foot on the pitch like we used to? WIll them into submission before the match even started? Play on the front foot instead of the back? How? Maybe we need to lose everything to have these privileged kids that have never earned anything realize that they are doing to the club’s image every time they put on an Arsenal shirt and jog around accomplishing nothing.

Maybe then, after losing CL football, and making a mockery of the faith put in them they will have to show some character, show some hunger and fight back. Maybe then when they have scraped back and earned something together as a team, and in the next few years when they play a Bolton, or a Wolves side the opposing team will say, “Damm we play Arsenal this week, we need to be at the top of our game not to get routed!”

You know what they are saying now fellow Gunners? “Damm we play Arsenal this week, let’s push em and see if we can get three points.”

This team hasn’t earned anything and doesn’t deserve anything, they better start playing like it, and they better start being coached like it. Every match should be played like a final, and every team should be prepared for like its Barcelona, because to us, with our crap effort right now, we have the capacity to make even the Swansea’s of the world look like CL material before us.


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